40 Roosevelt Trail, Windham ME 04062


Products & Services


  • Lifts

    Lift Inspections

  • Lift repairs

  • Lift moves-across the shop or across the state

  • Tire Machines

  • Balancers

  • Repair and Installation


    • Lift Services

      • Light Duty Lifts
        • Rotary New and Used lifts
        • In Ground lifts - New style fully contained units
        • Specialty Lifts for manufacturing, golf courses, specialty uses
        • Annual OSHA/ANSI multi point Inspections
        • Annual, Bi-annual and Quarterly Maintenance programs
        • Lift Moves - 4 inches or across the state
        • Scissor lifts full Rise for quick Quick Lanes and wheel service
        • 4 Post both Flat Deck and Alignment lifts - Open and closed front
        • Y Rack Alignment lifts for additional shop room in the same foot print
        • Hobbyist Lifts - 2 Post, 4 Post, Mid Rise Pad Lift and Motorcycle
        • Full line of accessories from pads to extensions
      • Heavy Duty Lifting Systems
        • Rotary Mobile Columns - capacities from 13k to 144k
        • Scissor lifts for heavy duty equipment
        • In Ground plunger lifting systems up to 75k capacity
        • In Ground Scissor Lifts up to 60k capicity
        • Vertical Rise above ground lifts up to 80k capacity
        • Parallelogram flush or surface mounted lifts up to 100k capacity
        • 2 Post HD Lifts up to 18k capacity
        • 4 Post HD lifts and roller jacks up to 60k capacity


    • Shop Equipment

      • Align equipment - State of the art Image alignment equipment from Hofmann USA
      • Tire Changers for the small shop to fully automated production machines
      • Balancers ranging from entry level to fully automated diagnostic systems
      • Brake lathes both light and heavy duty
      • Jacks and Jack stands from Hein-Werner and Omega - The world leaders
      • Hose reels and systems made in the US


    • Air Systems

      • Complete line of compressor systems from 5 HP to 50+ HP
      • Aircom high efficency air line systems
      • Shop Design and layout
      • Hose Reels and Hose Bank systemsD40


    • Exhaust Systems

      • System Layout and Engineer designed to the specific site by Harvey Exhaust
      • Drop Down Systems with multiple configurations
      • Rail Systems - the ultimate in efficency and design
      • Adapters for almost any configuration


    • Bulk Oil

      • Complete bulk oil systems including pumps, tanks and hoses
      • Hose reels for all types of systems both High and Low pressure


  • Shop Layout and Design

    • Shop layout prior to construction for the most efficent traffic/work flow
    • Design of complete shops with lifts, air, exhaust, bulk oil, hose reels, etc.
    • Site Surveys so you know exactly what you have and where it's at
    • Pre-Construction site work and preperation
    • Existing shop floor repair